Little Bandit

So so different today

Above picture taken early Fall of 2018



Amazing Grace

below she appeared so hopeless

This little filly had no name when she first arrived.


Gracie was going to be sent to slaughter.  She stole our hearts and we were able to raise the funds through your donations to rescue her from that fate. She was weak and tired  when she arrived. Not so today! She is truly  an amazing  and graceful yearling. 


Juliette today

We see miracles

Juliette almost done with her much needed bath.

Juliette needing groceries and TLC.


Sega during a recent dressage test


Sega when he first was rescued off the truck going to slaughter


Sega is completely blind due to malnutrition and neglect. He is an amazing horse with a heart that sees beyond physical forms.  He remains in the Rescue to live out his days.


Sterling is living such a good life. He is adopted

His last day before being shipped out.

Sterling at the auction with no one bidding and no where to go. He was going to be shipped out to slaughter.

Thanks to donations we were able to rescue him. 


Eco Doce

Eco Doce on the Right 

Her boy Hero  (KIDD) on the left.

Picture taken summer 2018

 Eco was approximately two years old and in foal and she was going to slaughter.  She had three abscessed hooves and her chances of delivering a healthy foal were not good.

Eco Doce and her sad eyes when she came to us.

We see miracles! Eco taught us so very much.