Foster one of our Horses or Sponsorship

To Foster a Horse


Caring for one of our horses in your barn is a way to save another horse by making a stall available at our farm. If you think you would like to be a foster  care giver, please call us for more information. 

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Sponsoring a horse at this Rescue is a wonderful way to help. Either by your one time donation or your monthly donation on the Donate page 

or by mail. You can choose the horse you sponsor from the Available Horses page and we will keep you updated by email or regular mail whichever you choose. There are no donations too small.  $10 buys a bale of hay and a treat. $50 will help buy grain for the month for that horse and $200 will help buy grain and hay for the month. Whatever your choice we are grateful.


CNEER Foster Agreement (docx)